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Gourmet Mexican cuisine

From Mexico to the world

Foto: Alejandra Carbajal
Platillo de Nicos

To live in Mexico City is a prize to those who like to eat well. We have the best restaurants: from spanish cuisine, to french, italian and contemporary mexican cuisine. Here are the restaurants that offer traditional mexican cuisine, as it has been done throughout our history.

Mexican gourmet cuisine

Azul Histórico


This colonial inspired place is impressive for itself and every dish will not disappoint. Wait until you try the roasted duck stuffed fritters. These fluffy birds are bathed in a god-sent mole from Oaxaca that is not too sweet and not too sour, just perfect. The roasted zucchini and raspberries that come on the side ring on every taste bud.


Dulce Patria


If you are into sweet and sour flavors you have to try these tablecloth stainer enchiladas. Four delightful portions stuffed with plantains, cheese and fried beans, bathed in the sweetest mole and some sour cream on top. The atmosphere is suitable for an intimate chat or a first date, but you have to know that you will, unavoidably, stain the tablecloth.


Hostería de Santo Domingo


Hidden in downtown Mexico City, this former convent has consecrated for serving glorious chiles en nogada all year long. You can choose between a complete—and gigantic— portion, or half order. The fi lling is a mix of ground meat, walnuts and raisins, and it comes crowned by the creamiest walnut sauce and the freshest pomegranate.




For more than five decades, Nicos has delighted us with authentic mexican food that joins traditional cooking with fine dining. Proof of this is the fish with garlic over fried plantains, with an order of white rice on the side. The guacamole is made right beside your table and comes with homemade tortillas, just to finish this religious experience.