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Culinary secrets in Mexico City

These are the best kept secrets in Mexico City's culinary world

Foto: Alejandra Carbajal

From our Gastronomic Guide, these places are a well kept secret by those who like to eat out. Try pizzas and Mexican contemporary cuisine, and of course, international cuisine.

Culinary secrets


The Hidalgo Market is known for selling electric devices, but you can also find a delicious sea food place. You can’t leave without trying their fish empanadas, filled to the brim and blazing hot, or one of Mexico’s freshest ceviches.

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Kin Shake

Best of both worlds can be found in one of their maki-rolls. Try them with crunchy chapulines or a piece of chicken with mole. Also, order nigiri, made with only the freshest of fish.

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San Pedro de los Pinos

Dolce Amore Ristorante

Life is Beautiful meets bohemia in the center of Tlalpan neighbourhood. Portofino fried calamari with arrabiata and tartar sauce are just like a delightful opera.

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Tintico Café

A round-trip to Colombia awaits in every dish. Tintico is a charming surprise, hidden in downtown Mexico City. Coffee, though, comes with a warning: there’s no better cup of coffee in the world.

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Cochinita Power


Their cochinita (pure pork goodness) is juicy and tender, perfect in tortas, tacos, panuchos and yes, even burgers and chilaquiles. Try the lime soup, grandpa’s favorite.

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San Rafael

El 123


123 is both a gastronomic and a visual delight. Its Asian cuisine inspired dishes seem to comply with the rule of mixing every possible color and ingredient, a rule that also applies to the decoration around, crafted with salvaged materials.

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Al Andar

The cult of mezcal finds a temple in Al Andar. Here, you can find rare mezcals brewed from wild agaves and Mexicancraft beers. Hungry? Ask for tasajo and oaxacan style crickets.

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The dough of their pizzas is made with blue corn and theirtoppings include cactus, shredded rabbit and hibiscus flower. The best of two different worlds.

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Zona Rosa