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Budget friendly restaurants in Mexico City

Restaurants that won't break the bank

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Restaurants in Mexico City have the gourmet offer that's worthy of local pride. These are the restaurants that allow you to try the best quality without affecting your pocket, either if you work in Polanco, you're a businessman or just a foodie.

Budget friendly restaurants


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Restaurantes Roma

After working at Pujol, leading Maximo Bistrot, partnering with Rokai and creating the menu behind De Mar a Mar, Eduardo is one of the most prodigious minds in mexican contemporary cuisine. For breakfast, Lalo! (short for Eduardo) offers options like a chubby french toast with red berries and whipped cream, pork chops in salsa verde, or a spectacular salmon gallete. For lunch, the menu splashes your palate with salads with ingredients from Xochimilco.

Primario Restaurante

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Restaurantes Cuauhtémoc

Looking for something delicious and comforting? Primario is your top choice. After opening Bravo Lonchería, Rodrigo Chávez, Luis Serdio and Bernardo Bukants have stretched out the menu from their food truck Primario (one of the favorites from the food truck boom) with an homonymous restaurant. The main star is the crab gordita: blue corn dough filled with pibil crab and a touch of avocado puree, purple onion and watercress.


Catalina Brasserie

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Restaurantes Brasseries Roma

Catalina has combined French rustic cooking with fine dining in a refreshingly understated place that might as well be located in Champs-Élysées. Find sophistication on beef tongue with roasted potatoes and béarnaise sauce, or a raspberry, Brie and dark chocolate grilled cheese sandwich, the sweetest main course in town. Stop by during breakfast and have some French toast with bacon and maple syrup, crowned with a poached egg.

Bretón Rosticeros

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Restaurantes Condesa

To put it simple: Bretón roasts. Its menu is a celebration of roasting with delicacies like fennel pork, tenderloin porchetta, spiced turkey leg and curry lentil puree, and butter and herbs organic chicken. What sets Bretón apart from other pagan roasters is the sugar coated garlic tarator, creamy and ready to be spread on the welcoming bread just to open up your appetite. You have to finish the feast with a superb dessert. A roasted pear crumble is awaiting.



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Restaurantes Zona Metropolitana

Chefs Nasheli Martínez and Abel Hernández are partners both in life and in the concept behind Eloise, bringing a european menu to mexican dining tables that also leans towards french borders. Among the entrees, a couple of favorites are the truffled asparagus with parmesan cheese, a fresh tuna tartare with mango and the foie gras créme brûlée, a delicacy that has slowly acquired some fame. Truffles are a common thread in many of their dishes.


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