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52 reasons to love Mexico City

From historical buildings, music, movie and art festivals, here’s a list of what you can’t miss in Mexico City

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The best places and activities in Mexico City


Anthropology National Museum

You’ll see the tolteca culture with another eyes, you’ll undertsand better the aztecas and maybe you’ll fall in love with the mayas. If any of these things doesn't happen, at least the design of the building will impress you. It’s imposible to see it all in one day, but appreciate some rooms and discover who is Coatlicue, will definitly make you come back. 

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Arena México

A place with traces of glorious meetings since its beginnings with El Santo and Blue Demon, up to host boxing events in México 68. Today is a cathedral where every Tuesday (the "popular" day low prices), Friday and Sunday come the faithful to celebrate the great union of physical and magic show that is wrestling.


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Multiforo Cultural Alicia


Survivor of fashion, slamming doors, closures, mafias, financial crisis and rumors of decommissioning, Nacho works together with "alicios", the group that is responsible for almost everything from scheduling bands to broadcast, sell beer and record sessions for the record Grabaxiones Alicia, which offers a catalog that collects live performances that take place in this space. It is a truly pluralistic forum, but the rythms that usually sound here are garage, surf, punk and rock.

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With 61 thousand hits a day, Chapultepec Park is one of our favorite places to hang out during the whole week. Here you can find free art and culture events and children's activities on weekends. We recommend visiting the Cárcamo de Dolores, the National History Museum, the lakes or go jogging at El Sope.

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The best restaurants

Pujol, Maximo Bistrot, Biko, Quintonil, Azul Histórico and Dulce Patria are part of our selection of the best gastronomic proposals in Mexico City.


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Postal Palace

It is one of the most beautiful buildings we have in the city, designed by Italian architect Adamo Boari. It was completed in 1907 by order of Porfirio Díaz. It combines several styles: Italian Renaissance, Gothic and Spanish Plateresque. What surprises the most is the detail in its design. Smithies, for example, were brought from Italy, and the quarry is from Chiluca, very elaborate and at length, with gargoyles and a very nice style. Upon entering the building it is important to see all the details, from the elevators, air conditioning grilles or bars of the counter, where someone attends you to send a letter.

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Pride March LGBTTTI

The march, more than a carnival, is a way to celebrate small advances in legal matters to eradicate discrimination and made ​​visible to all members of this community into society.


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There are many myths about absinthe, a famous drink in the Parisian intellectual scene of the early twentieth century. Everyone can be verified or disproved in Artemisia, a bar exclusively dedicated to the liquor absinthe, fennel and anise. The Porfirian home offers the experience of a full night starting at their restaurant. They offer simple dishes of French influence, gastronomic eccentricities in which the quality of the raw material is privileged.

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Parque de los Dinamos


Beyond the atrium Magdalena and the locals of bone soup is La Cañada and Emilio Carranza, the two roads that rise from the village of Atlitic the intricate area of mountain ranges and gorges, where the river runs faster and pure. It was there that Angel Sánchez and French entrepreneurs took advantage of the power of moving water to create electricity in 1897, during the wave of foreign investment in the country that made ​​possible by the "porfiriana pax". 

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Cineteca Nacional

Cineteca Nacional is a guardian of history in every way, starting with its programming, which highlights its tradicionals International Film Festival, Forum and festivals, like Slaughter in Xoco with its horror during Christmas time ¡not bad! In addition to its collection, Cineteca Nacional is a whole box of anecdotes worth mentioning: its opening (1974 ); the tragic fire that ended its facilities in the Churubusco Studies and more than six thousand negatives (1982); resettlement in Xoco (1984) and its recent refurbishment as part of the centenary celebrations.

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